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Bonanza — Incline Village tax revolt: Nevada Supreme Court sides with 8,700 taxpayers 110707-Bonanza-int
RGJ — Payback time for Tahoe 110708-RGJ
RGJ — Washoe County offers more details on Incline Village, Crystal Bay tax refunds 110713-RGJ-Int
RGJ — Ruling ripples through county, school district 110713-RGJ
Bonanza — The Incline Village/Crystal Bay tax revolt 110714-Bonanza-GuestColumn
Bonanza — Incline Village tax revolt: ‘A nine-year battle’ 110714-Bonanza
Property Tax Payment Notice PropTaxPayProtNotice
RGJ — Washoe considers countywide vehicle tax to help pay Incline Village Property Owners 110719-RGJ
Bonanza — Washoe treasurer: Tax refund ‘is going to take a long time’ 110721-Bonanza
RGJ — Proposed Washoe vehicle tax for Incline refunds gets backing 110721-RGJ
RGJ — Incline residents grateful that a handful went to bat for them 111101-WSJ1
RGJ — Incline residents grateful that a handful went to bat for them 110731-RGJ2
RGJ — Incline case timeline / history 110731-RGJ3
RGJ — Rule changes aim to prevent tax challenges 110731-RGJ3
RGJ — Five pending cases could lead to even more Incline refunds 110731-RGJ4
RGJ — Both sides expect state’s property tax system to fail 110731-RGJ5
RGJ — Blame follows $40M tax fiasco in Incline 110731-RGJ6

History of the Incline Village/Crystal Bay Property Tax Revolt

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WSJ — Tax Win Inspires Copycats 111101-WSJ1
WSJ — Incline Village: Blazing the Trail for Property Tax Revolts 111101-WSJ2
 RGJ — Agencies try to cut Incline tax bill interest  111206-RGJ

Protecting Incline Village and Crystal Bay Assets