Alert Email Group

Email Alert Group

We use an automated outside service to send out our tax revolt alerts from the Village League. Any person with an email address can easily add their email address to the data base and in the future can easily delete their email address.

All emails sent to our email alert group are moderated. Only “official” tax revolt message are sent. No spam and other “garbage” email messages are sent across this list.

Note: The LOOKUP system for your tax refund requires a

Email Alert Archives
We have archived all email messages sent to this list. Click here for the archive list and then click on the respective alert.

This email alert group list will strictly be kept confidential and will only be used for this purpose. We will not sell or redistribute the email list to any other entity.

Add your Email Address:Click here for the server page to add your email address to our email alert group. Fill in the blanks. Be sure to save your pass word that you assigned to yourself.

Unsubscribe your Email Address:Click here for the server page to remove your email address from our email group. If you forgot or lost your pass word, you can ask the server to email you your pass word.

Forgot your Pass Word:Click here for the server page to request for your pass word. Fill in your email address. Your pass word will be sent to you in an email message.

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