Property Info

How to find your property’s
Land Taxable Value for Tax Years
1996/97 through 2019/20

Unfortunately, this is a several step process. You may want to print this page first and then follow the instructions.

#1. Click here to download the Washoe County Assessor’s page.

#2. In the middle of the page just downloaded, click on the box that has the words “Go To Search Page” inside the box.

#3. On this page that you just downloaded, you can seach for your property’s information by Parcial Number or by Street Address.

#4. The page that comes up should be the high level summary of your property’s data. Now find the line that says “Valuation History”. Click on that link

#5. Hopefully you should now be viewing the assessment history of your property, going backward from 2020 (2019/20) to 1997 (1996/97).

#6. The first entry in the table is the latest status of your property’s taxable valuation, as determined by the Washoe County Assessor’s Office.

#7. Go back to step #4, to read what other information the Washoe County Assessor has on their website for your property..

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