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Help Us Preserve and Protect Our Community

ALERT: #325

DATE: November 21, 2022

TO: Incline Village & Crystal Bay Property Owners

FROM: Village League to Save Incline Assets 

Dear Incline Village & Crystal Bay resident,

Our long fight to return $102 million dollars in illegally collected excess property taxes is ending with our victory securing an additional $300 million dollars of ongoing property tax relief for all residents. You have received your refund checks (with interest) and can now enjoy a reduction in property taxes for the foreseeable future. 

Still, the Village League’s work can’t end there. Protecting that win for our community will require ongoing efforts by the Village League like our meeting with our new County Assessor next month to validate the assessments we fought for.

We still need your help for that purpose and more.

New Challenges and Opportunities

Recently, people are arriving in droves to visit or live in Lake Tahoe. And our local community is bearing the stress. While the County is supposed to be protecting our needs, instead they often pursue agendas that don’t serve our residents or are unresponsive to us. We must act to keep our neighborhoods intact and our community healthy.  

The Village League has begun work drafting a petition to offer Incline Village and Crystal Bay a choice to become an incorporated city. It’s not an easy or inexpensive thing to do. But we feel the community deserves a means of self-governance that allows us to address our issues with unobstructed control over our greatest needs; like having a local planning/building department, court, police force, street maintainers and many more – A city offers numerous advantages. 

Please help us serve you and our community

We need your financial support. Our all-volunteer organization, with near-zero overhead, is 100% funded by resident contributions and absorbed over $3 million dollars in costs to win your refunds.

Many grateful residents pledged to donate a portion of their proceeds to the League to support our efforts. Perhaps you too will make a charitable contribution. A donation to the Village League helps ensure that your priorities will not be ignored and guarantees that our organization can continue our mission of defending our community. 

We are grateful for every donation and even a small percentage makes a difference. Your contributions to our 501 (c)(3) organization qualify as tax deductible.

If you’re willing to help us continue fighting for this community, please visit this link to learn how to donate online or via mail

 About The Village League

Founded over 20 years ago, the Village League to Save Incline Assets has steadfastly fought and prevailed on behalf of the Incline Village and Crystal Bay community. Our efforts have kept our local hospital in town, fended off attacks to make our beaches public, and fought tirelessly for the return of excess property taxes. 

Our community’s support has always been the foundation to our success in these battles. With this community’s future support, we can and will preserve our existing accomplishments and fight to keep Incline Village and Crystal Bay the best place to live.

Village League to Save Incline Assets Board Members:

-Todd Lowe, President

-Les Barta, Vice President

-Dale Akers, Secretary Treasurer

-Dean Ingemanson, Director

Village League to Save Incline Assets, Inc.

Non-Profit Corporation – FEIN 88-0399029

# # #

Protecting Incline Village and Crystal Bay Assets