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Hey King George

ALERT: #322
DATE: July 4, 2022
TO: Incline Village & Crystal Bay Property Owners
FROM: Village League Tax Revolt Committee 
Dear Incline Village & Crystal Bay,

Our mission to help the community didn’t end when Washoe County started sending the last $56 million of property tax refund checks last year. The grievances we hear from our community members have become too many, too frequent and too serious for us to lay idle. 
There is no reason why we cannot be America’s best run, best place to live, but the residents of Incline Village and Crystal Bay need control over their future. So, we want to present our community with an opportunity: becoming an incorporated city.

Learn more and watch our one-minute video here:

Having a local city government offers critical advantages. For example, an independent planning authority could handle building permits, inspections, and planning issues right here in town so no one has to drive over the hill just to be ignored. We could address local concerns in our own local justice court that would have direct ties to the community and first hand knowledge of our issues. Instead of reliance on distant officials who don’t see or acknowledge our needs, we could count on officials from here in our own community to be accountable to listening and responding to our concerns. We could control the level and quality of services like snow removal so that no one has to wait a week to get their street plowed. We could petition for ordinances to improve our quality of living as we endure increasing traffic, noise, and crowds. 
With autonomy over our quality of life, there are many things we can do to make our Lake Tahoe community the paradise we sought when we moved here.
To learn more, sign up to get updates, or get involved, please go to
Happy Independence Day!

Village League to Save Incline Assets Board Members:

-Todd Lowe, President
-Les Barta, Vice President
-Dale Akers, Secretary Treasurer
-Dean Ingemanson, Director

Village League to Save Incline Assets, Inc.
Non-Profit Corporation – FEIN 88-0399029

# # #

Protecting Incline Village and Crystal Bay Assets