RGJ — Incline Village property owners get court win   RGJ-060114
Bonanza: Major victory’ for tax revolt group  Bonanza-060115
RGJ — Incline Village residents get new tax-fight victor  RGJ-060117
Bonanza: Congrats to the Village League  Bonanza-060118
Bonanza: A voice not heard is a voice not spoken  Bonanza-060120
Bonanza — County to appeal property tax decisions   Bonanza-060122
RGJ — New tax board upsets residents  RGJ-060130
Bonanza: New tax board yields positive results  Bonanza-060201
RGJ — Assessor ouster move stays alive with court ruling  RGJ-060204
The Bonanza — Tax efforts have statewide results  Bonanza-060205
RGJ — Fewer property tax appeals filed  RGJ-060206
Bonanza — Tax revolters get roll backs, will see McGowan in state supreme court  Bonanza-060210
RGJ — Washoe County residence might see tax refunds  RGJ-060210
RGJ — State Supreme Court takes action in Incline Village tax cases  RGJ-060216
RGJ — Board to hear final appeals from Incline homeowners  RGJ-060217
Bonanza  — Not so fast Bonanza-060217
RGJ — Board agrees to hold future hearing on Incline taxes  RGJ-060225
Bonanza — One step closer to refunds  Bonanza-060226
RGJ — County board rolls back some Incline property taxes RGJ-060302
Bonanza — Property tax rollbacks closer Bonanza-060305
CSM — High property taxes driving a new revolt CSM-060308
RGJ — Appeals panel OKs lower taxable values for some RGJ-060309
Bonanza — Tax rollbacks for all Incline Village, Crystal Bay  Bonanza-060310
RGJ — Incline taxpayers challenge assessor in court RGJ-060411
RGJ — Incline taxpayers drop their lawsuit against assessor  RGJ-060412
Bonanza — Tax revolt group takes on McGowan  Bonanza-060412
Bonanza — Lawsuit dropped against assessor  Bonanza-060414
Bonanza — A quite unlikely Incline resident  Bonanza-060414-Opinion
Bonanza — Working to obtain justice in taxation until we prevail Bonanza-060419
Bonanza — Another win for revolters  Bonanza-060512
 Bonanza — Waiting for the corks to pop  Bonanza-060614-Editorial
 Bonanza — Tax revolters get day in court  Bonanza-060614
Bonanza — Revolters pleased with court day Bonanza-060616
RJG — Nevada justices take on Incline taxes case  RGJ-060616
 Bonanza — Supreme Court on property taxes  Bonanza-060621-Editor
 Bonanza — Property values in Nevada increase almost 34 percent  Bonanza-060702
 Bonanza — Incline tax group eyes next legislature  Bonanza-060714
 NevadaObserver — Open And Accessible Government? Why Is This So Hard To Understand? NevadaObserver-060715
 Bonanza — What would you do? Bonanza-060802-Editor
 Bonanza — Tax group waits for a final ruling Bonanza-060818
Bonanza — Waiting for a ruling Bonanza-060922
Bonanza — Waiting for a decision Bonanza-061020
Bonanza — Tax revolters wait for court decision Bonanza-061110
Bonanza — Tax revolt unhappy with no decision Bonanza-061117
Bonanza — Tax revolt group keeps fighting  Bonanza-061217
Bonanza — We won Bonanza-061229
RJG — Court orders Incline tax refund RGJ-061229


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