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Bonanza — Tax revolt already is top story of 2009  090102a-Bonanza
Bonanza — Washoe County ordered to refund 830 Incline parcels 090102b-Bonanza
Bonanza —  Incline Village tax settlement offered from Washoe County 090107a-Bonanza
Bonanza —  Bakst3 Decision KOs Washoe Assessor 090107b-Bonanza
Bonanza — Simon: county’s position hasn’t swayed 090109-Bonanza
Bonanza —  Dressing Up Washoe County 090114-Bonanza
 NV Observer — Incline Village Taxpayers Win Another Round 090115-NevadaObserver
Bonanza —  Assessor to ask for larger land value reduction 090121-Bonanza
RGJ —  Assessor wants to lower property values  090121-RGJ
RGJ —  Washoe board cuts land values 15 percent 090127-RGJ
 Bonanza —  Washoe County Board OK’s 2009-2010 tax cuts  090128-Bonanza
 Bonanza —  Big thanks to the Village League from Las Vegas  090204-BonanzaEd
NV Supreme Court NV-SupremeCourt-090319
Bonanza — Nevada Supreme Court offers ruling in tax revolt case 090325-Bonanza
RGJ — High court reversal could cost Washoe millions in tax refunds 090325-RGJ
Bonanza — Incline area taxpayers demand justice 090403-Bonanza-gc
RGJ — Incline tax issue prompts concerns about state impacts 090404-RGJ
SBOE April Hearing SBOE-April-Hearing
RGJ — Board upholds assessor’s Incline residential values 090501-RGJ
Bonanza — Much hinges on state equalization hearing next week 090605-Bonanza
RGJ — Lawyers want to add 8,700 parties to Incline tax case 090611-RGJ
Bonanza —  Nevada Supreme Court denies request to clarify tax ruling 090615-Bonanza
NV Observer — Incline Tax Case Might Go Countywide 090615-NevadaObserver
Bonanza —  Nevada tax board to hear Incline Village case, again 090713-Bonanza
RGJ —  Tax panel orders refunds for lncline 090721-RGJ
Bonanza —  State tax board orders county to roll back 090723-Bonanza
Bonanza — Patience key with latest tax revolt vote 090723-BonanzaEditorial
Property Tax Payment Notice PropTaxPayProtNotice
Pahrump Valley Times —State OKs 15% reduction in property values 090724-PahrumpVT
Bonanza — Success at last for tax revolt 090730-Bonanza-gc
Bonanza — Rebate checks came through for Incline Village 090730-BonanzaOpinion
NV Observer — Incline Villagers To Get Massive Tax Refunds 090801-NevadaObserver
Berrum Letter 090807-Berrum-Letter-to
Bonanza — Tax refund decision could take weeks 090820-Bonanza
NPRI —  Stage set for property tax showdown 091005-NPRI
RGJ — Washoe judge: County must refund taxes to 8,700 Incline property owners 091006-RGJ
Bonanza —  County ‘immediately’ beginning $13 million refund process 091008-Bonanza
RGJ — Washoe assessor to run for second term 091012-RGJ
Bonanza — Big victory awards refunds for Incline taxpayers 091015-Bonanza-gc
Bonanza —  Our stunning victory – one for the people 091015-BonanzaOpinion
Writ of Mandamus 090821-Writ-of-Mandamus
SBOE Hearing SBOE-Hearing-July20
Bonanza — A possible election challenge to Washoe DA Gammick 091022-BonanzaOnPolitics
Order District Court Order-DistirctCourt-23Oct09
Bonanza — Be careful what you wish for 091029-Bonanza-gc
NPRI — The birth of a rebellion 091029-NPRI
Bonanza — Tahoe tax revolt files again with Nevada Supreme Court 091104-Bonanza
NPRI — For more than a decade, Nevada tax panel breaks law 091105-NPRI
NPRI — Nevada’s property tax shaft 091117-NPRI
Washoe County Court Appeal 091117-WashoeCountyCourtAppeal
NPRI — County assessors fight state request to appear 091120-NPRI
Bonanza — Washoe County appeals October Tax ruling to state Supreme Court 091126-Bonanza
NPRI — Board of Equalization reschedules hearing 091127-NPRI
NPRI — Uh-oh – the public is starting to understand 091130-NPRI
NPRI — Clark County caught up in property-tax mess 091203-NPRI
RGJ — Washoe property value declines will mean lower taxes in 2011 091215-RGJ
NPRI — Why your property taxes rose when the property’s value fell 091215-NPRI
NPRI —  How to appeal your property-tax bill 091217-NPRI
NPRI —  A response to Assessor Schofield 091221-NPRI
NPRI —  Long and bitter tax-appeal season expected 091229-NPRI

Protecting Incline Village and Crystal Bay Assets