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My Tax REfund

Welcome to the Village League’s Tax Payer Refund Lookup and Registration Facility.

The Washoe County District Court determined that excess property taxes were assessed and paid on residential properties at Incline Village/Crystal Bay for the 2003-2004, 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 tax years. So if you owned residential property within Incline Village or Crystal Bay at any time during the period July1, 2003 to June 30, 2006 and paid property taxes you are likely due a refund for excess taxes collected plus interest.

The County Treasurer is required to find you and provide you notice of your refund. However, the Treasurer might fail to notify you timely and must hire a search firm to locate you if they otherwise unable to do so. If the County hires a search to locate you the cost will be deducted from your refund.

We have created this facility to assist you with those refund claims.   This is a private and secure online program that ensures the County has your contact information and also provides you an estimate of how much the County owes you.   The data for this is provided by the Washoe County Assessor’s office. A number of records are incomplete or possibly erroneous. All users should check their data carefully and resolve any discrepancies directly with the Assessor’s office.

The information displayed here will show the amount of your refund including interest based on the number of days the assessor’s data shows you owned the property during each of the three tax years. Also shown are your property’s purchase and sale dates (if applicable), as well as the total refund for all three years. We only have data for the 2003-2006 period. You will not find information for out periods because it was not provided to us and does not impact anyone’s refund.

Please note that the refund calculations are estimates.  The interest portion of your refund is calculated based open a payment date of July 1, 2021.  Your actual refund, as calculated by the Treasurer, may be different.  In most cases, however, the estimate will be accurate.

To use this NEW facility EVERYONE must first register by providing your current contact information and then activate your access privileges from the email you’ll receive.  You’ll be asked to enter the login credential you just created. Once logged in you can find your refund. You will need to input at least the last name under which you owned your Incline Village/Crystal Bay residence, and either its street address or 8-digit APN (without dashes).  The Court’s order requires you to provide accurate information and to certify ownership of your property. To assure privacy you will be emailed a link via which you can lookup your property and its refund entitlement.  Be sure to check your email for a message with further instructions after registering. CHECK YOUR SPAM AND JUNK FOLDERS TOO!!

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  This facility is for your private and personal use.  There is no requirement to use it and it is not a substitute for properly completing and submitting a claim to the County Treasurer.   The search, lookup and display of refund information can only be done once per parcel/owner. Falsifying your information or attempting to access information not related to your parcel will lock out the real owners from accessing their information while providing them with your contact information.

Click the following link to start the process. If this is your first time click the “Not yet registered” link.  Otherwise, gain access to the database by entering the credentials you previously entered.


Click here to open a window with very detailed instructions.

If you have an issue authenticating or accessing your property’s information please contact us at: When contacting us please provide or tell us:

1) a screen print of the problem
2) the type of device you are using (smartphones are NOT RECOMMENDED as their screens are TOO SMALL)
3) the Browser you are using (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc)
4) your property address and/or parcel number and lastname used in searching for your property

If you can not or wish not to use the online facility you can download, print and return via email or mail this Refund Information Request Form.

If you have questions about your assessments you can access the Assessor’s online assessment data webpage at:

Our online facility, like everything done by the Village League, was built by unpaid volunteers.

Protecting Incline Village and Crystal Bay Assets