The New Guard at the Assessor’s Office 

ALERT: #294
DATE: April 2, 2018
TO: Incline Village & Crystal Bay Property Owners

FROM: Village League Tax Revolt Committee

Our long fight to reverse the disastrous damage inflicted upon on us by the Washoe County Assessor over a decade ago will continue until the illegally collected taxes are returned. One piece of welcome news is that we no longer have to battle the current Washoe County Assessor.

All should remember that around 1980 property taxes in Nevada were soaring in response to inflation- driven real estate values, causing serious hardships for property owners. In an effort to cure this the Nevada legislature established the “taxable value” system for assessing property, designed to keep values realistic at modest and affordable levels.

Under pressure from local officials for more revenues, however, many county assessors ignored the meaning of the revised law and sought ways to come up with higher assessments. Such was the case in 2003 when county assessor Robert McGowan imposed a huge unprecedented tax increase on the Incline Village / Crystal Bay community. Thousands of taxpayers petitioned the outrageous and wrongful assessments. With the help of many in the community, the Village League has been fighting those unjust and unconstitutional assessments.

This trend changed in Washoe County when Mike Clark became county assessor in 2014. Mr. Clark and his staff listen to taxpayers and make a real effort to address issues. His assessor’s office runs like an efficient business with employees polite and helpful to taxpayers. For example, out of Washoe County’s 170,000 parcels there were only 91 appeals to the assessor’s assessments under Mike’s administration.  Thanks to Mr. Clark’s staff efforts to resolve disputes only five taxpayers actually went the extra step of appearing before the County Board of Equalization. Mr. Clark has vigorously opposed the efforts of special interests to impose unjust policies and laws adverse to taxpayers. Under Mr. Clark’s policy, Washoe County keeps assessments at reasonable levels, strictly within the meaning of the law.

Public service must not be about ideological or personal agendas. A true public servant understands the meaning of “service:” to commit oneself toward the benefit and protection of citizens with the sole agenda of being useful to the public good.

We are pleased to have a public official who honors the taxpayers’ concerns and interests. The Village League has never been an enemy of taxes or government. We simply want to see justice and fairness, and we welcome genuine public service. We applaud Mr. Clark on his exceptional performance as county assessor.

Village League to Save Incline Assets Board Members:

-Todd Lowe, President
-Les Barta, Vice President
-Dale Akers, Secretary Treasurer
-Dean Ingemanson, Director

Village League to Save Incline Assets, Inc.
Non-Profit Corporation – FEIN 88-0399029
77 Shoreline Circle, Incline Village, NV 89451

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Protecting Incline Village and Crystal Bay Assets