ALERT: #295
DATE: August 27, 2018
TO: Incline Village & Crystal Bay Property Owners

FROM: Village League Tax Revolt Committee
Folks, the solution to our 15 year old property tax lawsuit is so clear that the English language lacks adjectives to describe how obvious it is: unconstitutional assessments are VOID. Everyone, including the county, the state, and the courts have known and admitted the undisputed finding that the 2003-2005 assessments in our area are unconstitutional. The Nevada Supreme Court has said at least three times that the 2003-2005 property tax assessments at Incline Village/Crystal Bay are unconstitutional and void and must be replaced with constitutional 2002 assessments. All that is left to do is to equalize them with the constitutional 2002 assessments and pay the refunds.

But our efforts to obtain this obvious and constitutionally necessary relief has been frustrated and thwarted by County and State lawyers who continue to argue that the world is flat and who have convinced the “state board of equalization” that it does not have to follow the law and can ignore Supreme Court decisions. It’s not the current Assessor’s fault. He has acknowledged the wrongs of his predecessor and stands ready to have those wrongs righted. But County and State lawyers, the State Board of Equalization and the County courts have obstructed and delayed that result.

The ball of justice rightfully belongs to the taxpayers of Incline Village and Crystal Bay. But like a game of juvenile “keep-away” the State Board and the courts toss it back and forth while the Incline Village/Crystal Bay taxpayers continue to pay the lawyers on both sides of this “game.”

At present our effort to set aside the state board’s latest exercise in contempt for the Supreme Court and the law has been sent back to the Washoe County district court by the Carson City district court. At the same time, we wait for the Supreme Court to answer our appeal to shorten this absurd process and help hasten the conclusion of the 15 year old case.

Meanwhile we at the Village League continue like a modern day Diogenes searching with the lantern of justice for public officials with courage and honesty to bring this long saga for taxpayers’ constitutional rights to an end. We welcome the fuel to keep the lantern lit!

Village League to Save Incline Assets Board Members:

-Todd Lowe, President
-Les Barta, Vice President
-Dale Akers, Secretary Treasurer
-Dean Ingemanson, Director

Village League to Save Incline Assets, Inc.
Non-Profit Corporation – FEIN 88-0399029
77 Shoreline Circle, Incline Village, NV 89451

# # #

Protecting Incline Village and Crystal Bay Assets